Alamance House

Alamance House is a setting that provides a therapeutic environment which helps trouble teens understand the importance of values, appropriate behavior, and responsible choices so they will be able to enhance their strengths and development.

The treatment program at Alamance House teaches independent living and life skills to young men so they will be able to utilize positive modes of behavior and the coping/social skills needed to deal with real life situations. These skills will support their successful transition back into their communities. Alamance House provides a setting that is safe, structured, and clean. It also offers healthy meals and meaningful activities.

The staff works closely with the Treatment Team to identify issues and find resources to develop and define our client’s treatment plan. The client is an important part of the Treatment Team. Our treatment plans are created individually for each client with a variety of interventions to address the unique needs of each person. Our interventions are built around positive expectations that are healthy, age-appropriate, learning experiences.

We explore opportunities for employment, recreational, and community activities. Real life experiences provide a natural environment to learn coping strategies and build life skills. Change is a natural part of our lives.

Location: Alamance House is a safe, structured, and nurturing group home situated in Greensboro

Capacity: maximum of 4 boys.

Staff ratio: 2:4

Eligibility: clients must be authorized as level III or private pay

Staff at Alamance House: The home is closely supervised by caring, highly-trained staff. Our training focuses on therapeutic relationships and the provision of interventions. Our staff members maintain positive expectations, encourage meaningful activity, model appropriate behaviors and provide coping strategies. Staff can set boundaries and challenge our residents to make sound decisions.

Alamance House teaches its residents how to cope and adapt to change. We believe that all young people are capable of change & growth. We do not give up on anyone. Our programmatic goal is to quickly return our clients to their home and community, as effective family members & productive citizens.

Jenny Gadd, MSW, LCSWA