Community Navigator

What is Community Navigator?
Community Navigator is a free service available to people diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Community Navigators help people advocate for the things, programs and services they need. As your advocate, your Community Navigator can support you and your loved one in all aspects of preparing for and participating in the newly required SIS evaluation, as well as the annual Individual Support Planning process. Your Community Navigator can keep you informed of system changes and any news that affects your services and supports.  They can help you find different resources, activities and items you need in the community.

Why Have a Community Navigator?
There has never been a more important time to have a friend on your side!  Now that the system has transitioned to “managed care,” there are many questions about how services, supports and budgets will be affected.  Remember, your Care Coordinator works for the Managed Care Organization, and as such are not able to advocate for you and your needs.  Further, they are not able to help you link with most outside resources you may need.

Why Choose Alberta for Your Community Navigator Services?
Alberta Professional Services was very proud of the top-quality Case Management services we provided prior to the implementation of Managed Care across the state.  While we were sad to see this great service go, we are very excited to have the same excellent Case Managers available to provide Community Navigator.  That means you will get a professional, experienced Community Navigator who has many years of experience as a Case Manager.  Even though Community Navigator is a relatively new service, we have professionals who have been doing this very job for many years.

How Can Community Navigator Help Me?
A Community Navigator is a professional who can help families to advocate, identify & locate services to meet a person’s specific needs. A Community Navigator is someone who is familiar with community resources. He/she keeps updated on local, state and federal guidelines. He/she knows the rules and processes in obtaining and maintaining services. We listen, then we use our knowledge to help meet a person’s needs. How Do I Get Community Navigator?

If you are interested in Community Navigator through Alberta, you must request it from your assigned Care Coordinator.  Specify your interest in Alberta as the provider.  We will be glad to assist you in this process, so let us know if you need help.  Let your Care Coordinator know that you need assistance with advocacy, accessing community resources or whatever the need may be.  If you have questions, feel free to contact our director Marcus Harvey (336) 521-4275 or program assistant Kelly Morgan at (336) 273-2640.