Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Therapeutic Foster Care

Q – Why is it called “Therapeutic” foster care?
A – The prospective foster parents receive, free of charge, special training to understand and provide therapeutic interventions for children with special needs. Then they are licensed through Alberta Professional Services as Therapeutic Foster Parents. The parents also receive ongoing training and an assigned coordinator that is on call for them 24/7 to support that family and the child placed into their home.

Q- Who determines which child will be placed in my home?
A- You do. We receive referrals from multiple counties and then we take the knowledge we have gained during the training process and try to match our referrals with the information the parents have given us. You will receive a call and we will give you some general information on the referral. If you are interested then we will meet with you to give you more detailed information. We generally like for there to be a few visits before actually making the placement to ensure the foster children and the foster families feel good about moving forward.

Q- Are we required to go through background checks?
A – Yes. By law foster parents will have to undergo background checks.

Q – Do we receive financial support or compensation?
A – Yes. It varies upon the needs of the child and the funding streams connected to the child. Compensation ranges from $1,350 to $2,500 per month.

Q – Where does the money come from that supports the child?
A – Money comes from Federal, State, Local Government and/or private funds and insurance.

Q – Okay. I am interested in helping a child in need. What do I do next?
A – Contact Alberta Professional Services, Inc. at (336) 273-2640. We will ask for your name, phone number and the county you live in. We will assign one of our Area Coordinators to arrange a visit to your home. At that meeting, they can answer your questions and begin the licensing process.