Autumn House


Our staff is concerned that each individual achieve their highest level of independence with whatever assistance is necessary. Toward that end, each individual works with the team to set goals that they would like to achieve. We are looking to provide a safe, healthy, productive, and happy life for each person that chooses to live with us.

Established: Oct. 2008; admitted our first resident Dec. 2008; house was filled to capacity May 2010. We took the time to find the right combination of people that we hope will continue to live forever in THEIR home, Autumn House

Location: We are located in a quiet residential community in Greensboro, N. C.

Capacity: 4 beds

Eligibility: We serve adults with developmental disabilities from N. C. Currently, all of our residents are multiply-handicapped, having either a physical disability or a mental illness in addition to a developmental disability. We are a co-ed facility.

Staff at Autumn House: Minimum staff ratio is 2 staff : 4 residents, with one staff-person serving overnight. Our staff members are all experienced, nurturing individuals who understand that it is up to us to enrich the lives of those with whom we work. They are certified in CPR, First Aid, NCI, and Medication Administration. Staff receives additional training, as necessary, to meet the needs of our residents.

For Admissions Contact: Kathy Walton

Our daughter was the second resident to go to the Autumn House. It was the wisest decision we could have made. She is extremely happy and learning new skills everyday. The staff are most creative and we have every confidence in them. She is the light of our lives and we want her to always be happy and well taken care of and most of all, loved. That is what Autumn House has provided for her and peace of mind for us. ~Gene & Martha Clodfelter