Employment and Community Service Standard 4.F – Respite Services (RS)


Before services begin, the persons served and their families communicate their:

  1. Preferences
  2. Needs
  3. Expectations
  • ???


Respite services accommodate:

  1. The needs of the person served
  2. The needs of each family
  • ???


The preferences and needs of each family determine the specific respite services received by the family.

  • ???


Family members assist with respite training, as appropriate.

  • ???


The individual respite site is matched to the identified needs of each person and family served.

  • ???


When other needs of the person served are observed during provision of respite communication to the family includes:

  1. Information about resources that are available and how to access these
  2. Recommendations for additional services
  • ???


When applicable, the following accompany the person served or are available at the service site:

  1. Necessary medications
  2. Needed medical and/or adaptive/assistive technology equipment
  3. Instructions for:
    1. Medical care
    2. Special needs
    3. Emergencies
  • ???