Employment and Community Service Standard 4.G – Community Integration (COI)


The persons participating in services/activities move toward:

  1. Optimal use of:
    1. Natural supports
    2. Self-help
  2. Greater self-sufficiency or a slowing of the declines associated with aging
  3. Greater choice
  4. Greater control of their lives
  5. Participation in the community
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Services and activities are organized around:

  1. The stated goals of the persons served
  2. The identified preferences of the persons served
  3. The identified needs of the persons served
  4. Improving the ability of the persons served to understand their needs
  5. Assisting the persons served to achieve their goals of choice in the following areas:
    1. Community living skills development
    2. Interpersonal relations
    3. Recreation/use of leisure time opportunities
    4. Vocational development or employment
    5. Educational development
    6. Self-advocacy
    7. Access to nondisability related social resources
  • ???


Services are provided at times and locations that meet the needs of the persons served.

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Personnel are available to meet with persons served to discuss matters of interest or concern.

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The organization provides information or referral to assist the persons served in securing assistance to meet their basic needs.

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The program’s outreach to and follow-up procedures for the persons served are directed to:

  1. Those who drop out of services
  2. Those who have been admitted to a treatment, institutional, or other setting
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