Employment and Community Service Standard 4.H – Community Housing (CH)


Each person served is in a residential setting with his or her own personal space that:

  1. Respects privacy
  2. Promotes personal security
  3. Promotes safety
  • ???


The organization provides the following community living components:

  1. Regular meetings between the persons served and staff
  2. Opportunities to participate in typical home activities
  3. Appropriate linkage when healthcare needs of the persons served are identified
  4. A personalized setting
  5. Daily access to nutritious meals and snacks
  6. The opportunity for expression of choice by the persons served in regard to rooms and housemates
  7. Based on the choice of the persons served, opportunities to access:
    1. Community activities
    2. Cultural activities
    3. Social activities
    4. Recreational activities
    5. Spiritual activities
    6. Employment/income generation activities
    7. Necessary transportation
    8. Self-help groups
    9. Other activities as identified in the person’s plan
  8. Guideline related to:
    1. Visitors or guests
    2. Pets
  • ???


In-home safety needs of persons served are addressed with respect to:

  1. Environmental risks
  2. Abuse and/or neglect inflicted by self or others
  3. Self-protection skills
  4. Medication management
  • ???


When possible, persons served have options to make changes in their living arrangements:

  1. At their request
  2. At the request of their families, when applicable
  3. In transitional living, on a periodic basis when initiated by the organization
  4. Based on informed choice
  • ???


Based on the needs of persons transitioning to other housing, there are procedures in place to assist them in securing housing that is:

  1. Safe
  2. Affordable
  3. Accessible
  4. Acceptable
  • ???


Each person served receives:

  1. Skill development necessary to live as independently as possible
  2. Ongoing support/services as they explore changes in their living arrangements
  • ???


Personnel are on site based on the needs of the persons served, as identified in their individual plans.

  • ???


There is a system for the on-call availability of designated personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • ???


In congregate housing, provisions are made to address the need for:

  1. Smoking or nonsmoking areas
  2. Quiet areas
  3. Areas for visits
  4. Other issues, as identified by the residents
  • ???


The organization assists the person served to identify and utilize available modes of transportation.

  • ???


The organization demonstrates efforts to maintain a person’s residence as long as possible during temporary medical, legal, or personal absences.

  • ???