Employment and Community Service Standard 4.J – Services Coordination (SC)


The persons served are linked to services and resources as identified in their individual plans.

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Services coordination personnel maintain a working knowledge of:

  1. Services/resources that are appropriate for the needs of the persons served
  2. Support systems that are relevant to the lives of the persons served
  3. Funding issues pertinent to the referral process
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Based on the needs of the persons served, services coordination includes:

  1. Activities carried out in collaboration with the persons served and/or their families, as appropriate
  2. Outreach/facilitation to encourage participation of the persons served
  3. Coordination of, or assistance with, crisis intervention and stabilization services, as appropriate
  4. Assisting the persons served to achieve goals for independence as defined by the persons served
  5. Optimizing resources and opportunities through:
    1. Community linkages
    2. Enhances social support networks
  6. Assistance with:
    1. Accessing transportation
    2. Securing safe housing that is reflective of the:
      1. Abilities of the persons served
      2. Preferences of the persons served
      3. Needs of the persons served
    3. Exploring employment or other meaningful activities
    4. Accessing employment training
    5. Job seeking
    6. Career development and advancement
  7. Provision of, or linkages to, skill development services needed to enable the person served to perform daily living activities including, but not limited to:
    1. Budgeting
    2. Meal planning
    3. Personal care
    4. Housekeeping and home maintenance
    5. Other identified needs
  8. Evidence of linkages with necessary and appropriate:
    1. Financial services
    2. Medical or other healthcare
    3. Other community services
    4. Assistive technology assessment
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The organization provides services coordination activities at times and in locations that meet the needs of the persons served.

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The intensity of services coordination is based on the needs of the person as identified in his or her individual person-centered plan.

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When multiple services coordinators exist:

  1. A primary service coordinator is identified
  2. There is coordination to:
    1. Facilitate continuity of care
    2. Reduce duplication of services
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With the permission of the persons served, personnel provide advocacy by sharing feedback regarding the services received with the agencies and organization providing the services.

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