Employment and Community Service Standard 5.F – Standards for Workforce Development Services


A formal agreement is in place with the One-Stop Career Center (OSCC)/American Job Center (AJC) that clarifies common issues.

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Policies and procedures that document the relationship between the organization and the local OSCC/AJC are:

  1. Communicated to staff members
  2. Followed by staff members
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The organization’s administration uses indicators of performance to maintain compliance with the agreement between the OSCC/AJC and the provider.

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As requested, the organization provides information to the local OSCC/AJC on the following:

  1. Outcomes performance
  2. Service utilization
  3. Customer satisfaction
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The organization’s outreach efforts provide information:

  1. About the services offered
  2. About how services may be accessed
  3. In a manner that reaches the target audience
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The organization provides:

  1. Individualized services for the customer per the guidelines of the OSCC/AJC
  2. Reports to the center, as requested, concerning the person’s performance
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The organization provides an orientation to the services for the customer.

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When a person is served from more than one entity designated by the OSCC/AJC, the organization participates as requested by the center in the coordination of services.

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Policies and procedures are in place to address at a minimum:

  1. Confidentiality of information
  2. Current employment-related laws and regulations
  3. Resources that ensure staff development to support these policies and procedures
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