Employment and Community Service Standard 3.G – Employment Supports (CES:ES)


Training strategies include, as needed:

  1. On-site or off-site consultations
  2. Decreasing the trainer’s presence on the job site
  3. Transferring training and support to natural supports, when available
  4. Mentoring
  5. Referral to support groups or employee assistance programs, if appropriate and available
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When the organization provides supervision at the community employment site:

  1. The support staff has sufficient knowledge of the industrial and programmatic aspects of the assignment
  2. Backup contingency plans exist in the event of the support staff’s absence or tardiness
  3. The support staff follows industry and workplace practices
  4. The support staff is able to communicate effectively with staff at all levels within the employment site
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Any nonwork needs of the person served that may impact employment are:

  1. Identified
  2. Addressed through one of the following:
    1. Referral to supportive services
    2. The individual planning process
  3. Monitored
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Individualized support services to maintain employment address, as needed:

  1. Knowledge of attendance and punctuality expectations
  2. Demonstration of grooming skills, appropriate hygiene, and appropriate work attire
  3. Job-site safety practices
  4. On-the-job performance skills related to quality and quantity of work
  5. Work-related community skills such as time management, mobility, and money management skills
  6. Work-related communication skills
  7. Work ethics and job expectations
  8. Health maintenance and medication management
  9. Corporate or work culture, including things such as chain of command, work relationships, and grievance procedures
  10. Knowledge of governmental and community service agencies to support work success
  11. Information related to how to access these services
  12. Functional job-related literacy skills
  13. Work-related academic skills
  14. Knowledge of work practices
  15. Work-related technology
  16. Self-advocacy and assertiveness skills
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Individual support activities address, as needed, integration into the employment setting.

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Ongoing job support services to retain employment are provided at times and locations suited to meet the needs and desires of the:

  1. Person served
  2. Employer
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For persons who are receiving long-term services, there is review at least semiannually of the level of ongoing supports needed with the:

  1. Person served
  2. Employer, as appropriate
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Based on the aspirations of the person served, the program provides or refers the person to resources for career planning and advancement.

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The program provides or arranges for employment crisis intervention services when needed by a person served.

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