Employment and Community Service Standard 2.D – Employment Services Principle Standards


The following information is considered in developing the individual’s service plan for employment:

  1. Self-reported interests and skills
  2. Work and volunteer history
  3. Previous training and education
  4. Benefits the person is receiving
  5. Availability to work, including hours
  6. Transportation availability
  7. Support needs
  8. Self-reported barriers to employment
  9. Legal history
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The person served is involved in making informed employment-related decisions, including:

  1. The expected outcomes for services
  2. His or her role and responsibilities related to achieving desired employment outcomes
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The person served is informed about opportunities for employment in the local community consistent with his or her desired outcomes.

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Employment services provided reflect current needs of employers and trends in the local job market.

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As appropriate to the services provided, employers are made aware of the following resources:

  1. Customer service/supports available from the organization
  2. Referrals of job applicants closely matched to the employers’ requirements
  3. The organization’s ability to partner with employers to develop employment opportunities
  4. Tax credits that the employer may secure as a result of hiring an eligible candidate
  • ???


In an employer/employee relationship with a person served, the organization complies with:

  1. All applicable United States Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations
  2. Other applicable laws and regulations
  3. Its own internal policies and procedures
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For U.S. organizations, when an individual receives less than the minimum wage, the organization maintains a current certificate authorizing Special Minimum Wage Rates under Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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When persons make less than the minimum wage, they are:

  1. Informed at least semiannually about how their productivity affects their wage
  2. Assisted to understand:
    1. Their current rate of pay
    2. Ways to improve their earnings
  • ???


When the organization is producing a product or providing a service for businesses, it maintains a standardized system of quality control.

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For U.S. organizations, when the organization bids for contract work or established prices for products or services, it:

  1. Considers:
    1. All direct costs
    2. All indirect costs applicable to each job
    3. Profit
    4. Fair market value
  2. Reviews bids/prices at least annually
  3. Revises bids/prices as necessary
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