Employment and Community Service Standard 2.E – Community Services Principle Standards


The organization assists person served to enhance their quality of life as they desire:

  1. By providing opportunities to maintain and/or increase:
    1. Social contacts
    2. Personal relationships
    3. Community networks
    4. New supports
  2. By facilitating exposure to new community experiences
  3. By achieving desired or greater participation in community activities
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Individualized service plans identify community inclusion activities, as desired by the person served.

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The organization supports persons served to achieve participation in community activities by developing skills and behaviors that:

  1. Relate to the desired outcomes
  2. Empower the persons served
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The organization:

  1. Considers the individual preferences of those served when selecting direct care staff
  2. Addresses the input of persons served on an ongoing basis
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When appropriate to services and the population served, the program ensures that:

  1. Personnel are knowledgeable about early signs indicating possible dementia and aging-related decline
  2. When early signs of possible dementia or aging-related decline are identified:
    1. Recommendation for further evaluation is made to the case manager responsible for the person’s healthcare
    2. When diagnosis is confirmed:
      1. If the scope of the program can support the person to remain and age in place, the person-centered planning process responds to the new needs
      2. If the scope of the program cannot support these new needs:
        1. Appropriate transition planning is initiated
        2. Transfer of information occurs to support successful transition
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