Behavioral Health Standard 1.G – Risk Management


The organization implements a risk management plan that:

  1. Includes:
    1. Identification of loss exposures.
    2. Analysis of loss exposures.
    3. Identification of how to rectify identified exposures.
    4. Implementation of actions to reduce risk.
    5. Monitoring of actions to reduce risk.
    6. Reporting results of actions taken to reduce risks.
    7. Inclusion of risk reduction in performance improvement activities.
  2. Is:
    1. Reviewed at least annually for relevance.
    2. Updated as needed.
  • Risk Management Plan


As part of risk management, the insurance package of the organization:

  1. Is reviewed:
    1. For adequacy.
    2. At least annually.
  2. Protects assets.
  3. Includes:
    1. Property coverage.
    2. Liability coverage.
    3. Other coverage, as appropriate.
  • Review of insurance coverage


The organization implements written procedures regarding communications that address:

  1. Media relations.
  2. Social media.
  • Media Relations


If any of the services delivered by the program seeking accreditation are provided under contract with another organization or individual, reviews of the contract services:

  1. Assess performance in relation to the scope and requirements of their contracts.
  2. Ensure that they follow all applicable policies and procedures of the organization.
  3. Ensure that they conform to CARF standards applicable to the services they provide.
  4. Are performed at least annually.
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