Alberta Care Adult Day Supports

albertacare day programAlberta Professional Services Adult Day Supports is a program that has been developed to assist with the gaining, maintaining or improving of self-help and adaptive skills of individuals classified with having a developmental disability.

Our focus is on providing habilitative services to each individual given one-on-one support during a rewarding and productive day of meeting individual programming needs in such domains as social, prevocational, recreational areas.

Each day may involve the following activities:

Prevocational: Comp Ed ( language, community living, mathematics, vocational education, consumer education, social science) Volunteering, Work Books, Manipulative Tasks, Differentiation Tasks, Attention Span Tasks, Sensory Tasks
( Real Work: Simple packaging, assembly, collating, etc. for outside vendor) Public Library, Computer/Internet, Reading, Writing, etc.

Recreational: Horticulture, Sewing, Music, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Coloring, Scrap Booking, Candle Making, Pottery, Baskets, Wood Crafting, Weaving, Mosaics Tiles, Creative Accessories, etc. YMCA – Swimming, Tread Mill, Stationary Bike, Indoor Track, Shopping, Parks.

Social: Group Community Outings – Bowling, Basketball, Fishing, Tennis, Miniature Golf, Horse Shoes, Track Walks, Table Games, etc Museums, Restaurant Dining, Cook Outs, Boating, Group Site Activities – Cooking/Baking, Bingo, Board Games, Card Games, Karaoke, Nintendo Wii, Name That Tune, Scene It etc.

Life at Alberta Professional Services:

Our individuals’ day is developed with their needs and wants in mind. As each one-on-one seeks the input of the individual served, a daily schedule is developed centered around the specific goals that are written to be achieved. Alberta Professional Services’s goal is to incorporate fun activities within the individual’s treatment day.

LaTonya Burke-Perkins (Greensboro)

Alberta Care Day Program
3107 South Elm-Eugene St.
Greensboro NC 27406

Eligibility:   In order to enroll at Alberta Professional Services Adult day Supports, an individual must:

Be age 18 or above

Have a diagnosis of a developmental disability

Have case management services

Have authorization for day supports through Value Options

Have suitable funding