Together Facing the Challenge Evidence Based Practice Implementation

togetherWe are happy to announce that Alberta Professional Services has been selected to participate in Together Facing the Challenge Evidence Based Practice Implementation. The program is based on a training/consultation approach to improving practice in treatment foster care (TFC). Essentially, Together Facing the Challenge is a training approach for TFC parents that has proven effective when measuring outcomes for therapeutic foster children. The program sets forth the following goals for  both therapeutic foster parents and program facilitators alike: building therapeutic relationships; performing and teaching cooperation skills; implementing effective parenting techniques (communicate effectively, set expectations, reinforce positive behavior, avoid power struggles, etc.); preparing youth for their future by teaching independence skills; creating a positive home environment through family fun time, taking care of self, family meetings, etc.; and improving outcomes for youth served in therapeutic foster care settings. Our broad goal is for this teaching program to enhance therapeutic foster parenting skills and relationships between parents and children.  We are excited to introduce evidenced based practice to APS and look forward to the enriched quality of our TFC program as a result.

Kelly Morgan
BSW Candidate 2017
TFTC Coordinator-Intern

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