Tip Sheet Announcement

     Alberta Professional Services is an active participant in Cardinal Innovations’ Triad Cultural
Competency Committee. As part of this committee, Alberta Professional Services tasked the
awesome MSW interns placed with them this year, to created these tip sheets to be used by
providers in the Triad catchment. This year’s students Lauren Decal, Angelica England, Ashley
Griffin, Shantee Johnson, and Adrian Roberson created five tip sheets on different aspects of
cultural competency. The tip sheets were created to better assist providers in their understanding
of what cultural competency is and how implementing such a program can improve their
practices and services. The Cultural Competency Tip Sheets were created for these regional
county providers; Davie, Forsyth, Rockingham, and Stokes. The tip sheets were intended to
provide education on cultural humility and cultural competence, and resource tools in regards to each
     The cultural humility tip sheet provided a clear definition, on how to detect cultural
biases, and tips on how to self-critique, adjust power imbalances, and developing partnerships
with people and groups who advocate for others. The tip sheet also defined Cultural
Competency as, having the ability to interact and effectively communicate across all
demographics as well as, being aware of one’s one bias, and world views. The Evaluating
Cultural Competency tip sheet provided a definition and ideas about how to measure cultural
competency in the organization and effectiveness of staff training. The Demographics tip sheet
provided information in regards to each counties population with key factors being highlighted.
The fourth piece is Translation Services, which provides information for suggest best practices,
frameworks for training, and community resources. Lastly, the LGBTQ community, the
acronym stands for Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, Transgender and Queer or Questioning. The purpose
of this tip sheet was to give providers an abundance of resources, that can serve each identity
within the community. A comprehensive list of LGBTQ resources about substance use,
intellectual developmental disabilities, foster care, youth groups, and many others were provided.

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