LGBT Resources

Understanding the Transgender Person

Intellectually Developmentally Disabled (IDD)

LGBT Health and Well-being – Easy read resource list for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Topics include safe sex, how to videos, coming out, and making safe choices.

LGBT Identities and Learning Disabilities – Discusses barriers for LGBT individuals with learning disabilities, challenges for caregivers, and recommendations for support. (Skip to pages 4-7 for relevant information)

Seeking Safer Places – Understanding the risks of placing restrictions on IDD individuals. To see the actual research paper, visit ResearchGate and scroll down to read the full.

American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities – Outlines sexual rights for individuals with intellectual disabilities

Sexuality instructions for learners with ASD and IDD – Short video discussing sexuality for individuals with IDD.


Center for Parent Information and Resources – Sexuality education for students with disabilities (IDD inclusive)

Constructing Sexual Identities – British Journal of Learning Disabilities article about individuals with learning disabilities discussing sexuality. Scroll down for full article.

Gender Affirming Care ResourcesA huge list of resources for those looking to further understand gender affirming care and its role in providing support for gender-diverse children, adolescents, and adults.

Older Adults – Information on discrimination faced by older LGBTQ adults and contact for programs an assistance.

Recommended Reading – Recommended reading lists for children, youth, adults, parents and educators.

Online resources for Supportive Adults – Resources for families, allies, educators and healthcare providers.

Resources for Parents – Online resources for parents.

Family Caregiver Alliance – Special concerns of LGBT caregivers, finding support and dealing with discrimination or mistreatment.


Benchmark Institute: Cultural Competence – Online resources for LGBT individuals who are disabled

LGBTQIA Healthcare Guild – Online resources.

Foster Care

Three Considerations in Gender-Affirming Foster Care (PDF)

Resources for “Three Considerations in Gender-Affirming Foster Care” (Word)

Resources for All

LGBTQ Resource Guide – Resource list for agencies located in North Carolina (including Spanish speaking services)

LGBTQ Terminology – Terms and definitions.

Genderqueer & Non-binary identities – Identities and terminology for genderqueer and non-binary individuals.

Comprehensive List of LGBTQ+ Terms – Ongoing list of terms and definitions.

The Trevor Project – 24hr crisis helpline for LGBT youth with chat and text capabilities.

Youth Resources – Online resources for youth via TransYouth Family Allies website.

LGBT Resource Map – An extensive online collection of various resources relating to the topic.